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Posted 29 April 2011 | Chevrolet,Cruze   

We have finished the Chevrolet Cruze and Sonic 1.4T Stage 0 tuning package and we are getting impressive results. 170hp/177lb-ft (stock is 138hp/148lb-ft) has been achieved. Please review the Dyno and statistics below. Please follow the link below to the product page to place your order.









Stage 0 $465

Or “Buy Now” with PayPal

- NEW! Flashable Tune Via Handheld – Store Multiple Tuning Files
- No Laptop Required
- High Speed Data Logging
- View Engine Sensor Data in Real Time
- Complete Customization Available
- Updates Via Email
- View And Clear Diagnostic Trouble Codes


Stage 1 Tuning Now Available!

The Stage 1 Chevrolet Cruze tuning package raises the output to 180hp/190lb-ft by adding a ported intake manifold to improve airflow.

Stage 1 ($1149 & $35 Shipping)


Additional options:

Snow Performance Methanol/Water Injection System – Stage 2 GM MAF kit – $455.45
Stage 0 meth/water tune + Snow Performance Methanol/Water Injection System = $999
(190 hp / 200 lb-ft!)

Adds ~20hp/20lb-ft when combined with Stage 0 or Stage 1.  Additional gains are possible when combined with our Super 14GT turbo upgrade – allows safe operation of over 21psi boost pressure

Super 14GT Turbo Upgrade – $899.00 + $400 core deposit

We start with a stock Garrett MZGT1446MZGL turbo and then we machine the compressor housing to accept our proprietary compressor wheel upgrade, then clip the turbine wheel to reduce back pressure.  A direct bolt-on solution that allows us to increase the maximum boost and airflow over the stock turbo by over 15%.



Coming Soon! – Upgraded valve springs to allow increased engine speed limit to 7000 rpm.  Stiffer springs that increase the closing pressure on the valves to maintain control over the intake and exhaust valves (preventing “valve float”) at higher than stock boost pressure and engine speed.




  1. Posted by Nic Tegtmeyer on 30 April 11 at 9:41pm

    What kind of fuel economy can I expect with this in both economy mode and power mode (comparing to stock hwy mpg of 42)?

    Can you give any insight as to what your stage 1 kit will include and be tuned for?

    • VTuner
      Posted by Brian on 05 May 11 at 12:53pm

      Hi Nic,

      I do not expect to see much change in fuel economy with either tune on the highway if you are using cruise control. The economy tune is designed to maximize fuel economy around town while providing a more sporting driving experience by providing a needed boost to the low range torque that is somewhat lacking in the stock calibration. By taking advantage of the increased torque you can maintain lower engine speeds while still accelerating quickly. We only increase the peak HP slightly (to ~150hp) in the economy tune and adjust the power-enrichment threshold and cruising AFRs slightly to further increase your MPGs.

      Ultimately, your driving behavior is the largest factor in improving your MPGs. If you drive like a snail then you will not likely see much improvement in your MPGs around town with our economy tune – but if you normally drive with moderate gusto and find yourself winding out your cruze to keep up with traffic then I expect you will see up to a 10% improvement in MPGs in city driving. FYI – I am averaging 33 MPGs running the performance tune on my1.4t LT automatic under mixed city/highway, and I drive it hard every chance I get ;)

      The stage 1 kit will include at minimum an upgrade to your turbocharger. We can generate more power at lower boost pressures by sizing the turbo appropriately for the target power in improving flow dynamics in the intake path. I am currenlty testing a ported throttle body and ported intake manifold for the Stage 1 upgrade and making ~190hp (while still running the stock turbo!).


  2. Posted by Liz on 21 August 11 at 12:02pm

    I purchased the Cruze 1.4t Stage 0 package from Vtuner for my 2011 Cruze LT and I am very happy and satisfied with the product and service. For the price, the tuning is competitive with any other offerings out there and also comes with multiple tunes with is a plus and the big bonus is customer service. I continue to exchange e-mails and adjusted files with the tuner from several hundred miles away, and he has clearly demonstrated his knowledge and ability as well as desire to provide excellent support and understanding of the product. Thank you for everything VTuner, and thumbs up for supporting this model! Keep up the great work!!! :)

  3. Posted by Mathieu Berthiaume on 06 October 11 at 8:36pm

    test were done on automatic 1.4 turbo, is it compatible with 6 speed manual Eco version ?

    • VTuner
      Posted by Brian on 13 October 11 at 11:04am

      Yes, the tune is compatible with the 6 speed manual Eco 1.4 turbo.


  4. Posted by Brian on 22 March 12 at 4:05pm

    I have a 2012 eco 6spd manual. I’m interested in your tuner but have a few questions first. Can it be flashed back to stock at anytime for service at the dealer. Does it save your stock tune in the unit. I don’t have a laptop so yours is a big advantage to me over your competitor. Your horsepower and torque figures are a little less than thiers did you just stay on the conservitive side? Last I will be doing a high flow intake most likely K&N and maybee exhaust in the future will I need a different tune than the stage zero for that. How bad will fuel economy be affected?


    • VTuner
      Posted by Brian on 23 March 12 at 10:37am

      Hi Brian,

      You can flash back to stock anytime in about 1 minute using just the handheld. You do not need a laptop, just any regular windows based computer to transfer files and data logs to me by email (you connect the handheld with a supplied USB cable to transfer the files). We can install multiple tune files on your handheld, so you can have an economy tune and a performance tune in addition to your stock tune.

      Our horsepower is pretty much exactly the same as our competitors – I do keep our peak torque levels a bit lower and provide a flatter torque curve which is more desirable and safer for your transmission. You can compare our Stage 0 dyno chart (attached) to theirs and you will see we are making the same power/torque at 5000 rpm, but our torque curve is much flatter and we actually make significantly more power from 5000 rpm to redline.

      VTuner Cruze Stage 0 Dyno

      You should not require any modifications for the K&N intake and cat back exhaust, but I can easily check by data logging your Cruze after you install each component to see if any corrections are necessary.

      Your fuel economy should remain the same or slightly better after tuning the car (as long as you drive it normally or use the cruise control – if you drive aggressively your fuel economy will suffer a bit).


  5. lucky
    Posted by lucky on 22 January 13 at 10:35am

    I have upgraded many cars over the years and spent thousands of dollars in each of them but this chevy cruze stage 0 upgrade was the best of the best for the dollar spent I believe Brian is a true pro of the pros for his knowledge on this chevy cruze power upgrade it is a lesson the car companys should pay attention to,the upgrade stage 0 performs better than the stock version by fantastic amounts. Thanks Brian for supporting this model.

  6. lucky
    Posted by lucky on 01 February 13 at 11:10pm

    Update 2/1/13 got the chevy cruze stage 0 package software drove this car more than 500 hard miles without the least bit of trouble better than stock power by a long shot, at every speed WOT the transmission and engine were perfectly on the torque power curve this is amazing considering this was not the case with the stock power curve, Hammering hard in all gears at any speed there was absolutely no transmission or engine delay in what was to be done for power and this car now has the power to keep up or beat the best in its class, there were dead spots in the stock version that would leave u lingering for the power curve to kick in,Great Job BRIAN you understand this cars power curve better than the chevy company who design the software Amazingly well engineered by Vtuner Thanks Again!!!

  7. Posted by Jayspur on 26 August 14 at 3:12pm

    I just put this on my Cruze LTZ… stupid stupid power!! by far, the best bang for your buck. It was like driving a different car all together. I am so glad I did this mod…only problem now is he got many other mods that you can do to the Cruze, and this is gonna get pricey lol. Brian is the MAN with cars…if you are considering getting your car tuned…go to him, much better off than other tuners, and way waay better customer service. Brian, I thank you sir!!

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